Barmy Army ready to roll

This year it will all happen again on Sunday December 11.

At 4pm Santa will arrive with the help of Caroline Dale Leech Smith and her horse and carriage from the Red House Stables.

A small group from the Darley Dale Band will be there to greet him.

The Barmy Army will also be there all dressed up as fury animals and entertain the children. There will also be some light refreshments as usual for the children and tea, coffee and sherry for the mums and dads.

During the entertainment there will also be a firework display.

A majority of the charity money raised will be going to the Air Ambulance and Jodie Rodgers, of Oaker Drive, who is raising funds for intensive physiotherapy for her son Joel.

Last year there was no extravaganza due to very bad snow fall.

The Barmy Army gave away last year £900 to family of the late Stuart Ludlam and £900 to the Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health.

David Bryan Thompson,

7 The Parkway

Darley Dale