BBC professor wows Matlock pupils

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Highfields students received an education in climate change after a BBC professor paid a visit.

Professor Iain Stewart – a geologist and expert in palaeo-climates – recently visited Cromford to talk about climate change.

Inspired sixth formers listened intently to his talk – particularly given the recent news that CO2 levels are the highest they have been for three million years.

Professor Stewart, who has presented BBC programmes including; 10 things you didn’t know about earthquakes, Volcano Live and how geology affected the development of civilisation in How the Earth made us, was keen to meet the students from Highfields after he saw a picture via the school’s geology Twitter page of the geologically themed cakes students made for their ‘cake Tuesdays’.

Geology is a popular A level subject at Highfields, where students make the most of opportunities to hear external speakers like Professor Stewart.

Many students go on to study geology at university and later become involved in careers ranging from oil & mineral exploration to studying volcanoes in the Mediterranean.

Geology teacher at Highfields School, David Turner, said: “Our students were so enthusiastic about hearing Professor Iain Stewart talk about such a relevant topic. They felt inspired, and keen to remember that geology is an important factor of our lives; what happened years ago to the earth, still has an impact on us now.”