BEAUTY FEATURE: Guest writer Heidi Donkins talks about this months beauty style trends

Guest writer, Heidi Donkins
Guest writer, Heidi Donkins

We look into the trends of beauty styling this month and what exacly are the colours we should be wearing to be part of the “it” crowd and does it really matter?

We all love to be individual but when we look closer everything is interwoven from the clothes we buy all influenced on shape and colour from the catwalks right through to the lipsticks and nail polishes we wear so the answer has to be a “yes”.

This season the main influence from the international catwalks has a feminine forties feel with deep cherries, plumbs, merlot and dark chocolate tones making a huge kick on winter palletes. Valentino through to Marc Jacobs sported polished lips with heavy reds whilst Gucci to Cavalli loved mysterious purples and browns on lips and nails. But how do we include this forties feel without looking over the top? Well it’s actually really simple. I love the introduction of strong bold colours alongside minimal make up.

Try Clarins Rouge Eclat £19.50 in Chestnut Brown or Red Fuchsia or Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick £8.99 worn with a light covering of foundation or shimmer brick with perfected brows accentuating your leading features. Chanel’s ROUGE COCO SHINE 94 Confident lipstick also will see you leaving a strong impression with its deep undertones and has to be my favourite! Nails likewise should be neatly polished moving away from summer blushing pinks to heavy coffee tones or clarets. Valentino catwalk nails were short and bold. I love Chanel Le Venis Orage which is dark and mysterious, Mac Cosmetics and Barry M have huge collections to select your perfect forties inspired tone. Why not treat yourself to OPI Gel nails in “ Visions of Love” or “ Black Onyx” long lasting and available at Flash Express Beauty Bar Chesterfield for just £20? See is all about yesterday, today! Create mystery and extreme femininity with colour.

By Heidi Donkins.