Big screen event will be a winner

It is hard to beat the enthusiasm Irfan Shabir has for promoting his town.

The canny businessman knows that if his restaurant is to be a success then Matlock has to be thriving.

He is not a man to just sit back on his laurels and leave it up to everyone else – he gets stuck in and is willing to try anything.

His latest venture to bring the big screen to Hall Leys Park is a risky one, there is no doubt, because our fickle English weather could turn it into a damp day.

But he is not to be discouraged and is going to gamble on sunshine.

It is down to the rest of us then to make sure we give him our backing. It is free entry to the public so we need to make sure we go along to support the other traders who will be funding the event by paying for stalls.

It will be a fantastic day and will rival the fantastic Penny Farthing racing which Irfan helped stage last year. Good luck to everyone involved.

Amanda Hatfield, editor