Bike theft warning

Derbyshire Police badge
Derbyshire Police badge

Residents with new Christmas bicycles are being warned to be vigilant after eight were stolen form across the Dales.

Police are reminding people to make sure their new gifts are secure – following the most recent theft between Sunday, December 4 and Monday December 5, when a cycle was stolen from outside a house on Overdale in Matlock.

Sgt Steve Edwards said: “Don’t make it easy for a potential thief to make off with your bike. A cycle can be an easy target, especially if it is left insecure, so it’s also worth investing in items such as substantial locks, alarms or movement sensors.

“Spending a few extra pounds on crime prevention items could prevent someone from stealing an item which could have cost hundreds of pounds.”

Eight bicycles have been stolen in the Matlock, Bakewell and Ashbourne areas during October, November and December.

Sgt Edwards added: “It is distressing to be a victim of crime at any time of year, but especially when people want to relax and enjoy the festivities.

“That’s why it’s important people just take a few moments to make think about security, at home, in sheds and gardens or at any time when you leave your bike unattended.”

People should follow these top cycle safety tips:

When buying a bike, budget for security. You will need one or more locks and somewhere secure at home to keep your bike.

Take out adequate insurance, either by extending your home contents insurance or through a separate policy. Cycling organisations and bike shops may offer specialist cover.

Record and register your bike. Take a clear colour photo and note down any unique features, so that you can report it accurately if it is stolen. Register your bicycle model, make and frame number with a third party such as

If you add an additional security mark or tag to your bike, this will make it easier to identify as yours.

Keep your bike in a secure shed or garage and get into the habit of keeping the door locked. If you keep your bike in a shed, make sure you get a robust lock for the door.

Secure it to an immovable object, or consider installing a floor or wall-mounted anchor lock for extra security.

Keep it out of public view.

Avoid leaving your bike in dimly lit or isolated places. Leave your bike where a potential thief can be easily seen.

Always lock your bicycle, even if you are just leaving it for a couple of minutes.

Lock both wheels and the frame of your bike to the bike stand or other immovable object. Remember that thieves can remove drainpipes and lift bikes off signposts.

Secure removable parts. Lock both wheels and the frame together. Take with you smaller components and accessories that can be removed without tools.

Your local Safer Neighbourhood policing team can help with advice on crime prevention. To contact them call 101, the police non-emergency number or visit the website: