Blocked drains cause stink for estate residents

blocked drains caused dirty water to spew forth over two roads in Matlock last week.

Hurst Rise on Hurst Farm and Megdale on Sheriff Fields both suffered from blockages.

A Hurst Rise resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “It was pretty disgusting and smelly, there was dirty water and what looked like toilet paper running down the length of the road.”

A district council spokesman said: “The sewers under the Hurst Farm Estate are unadopted private sewers that currently fall under the district council’s responsibility.

“The blockage on Hurst Rise was reported to us on Wednesday and contractors released the blockage the following day.

“It recurred on Friday morning and a more powerful jetter attended. The blockage was fully cleared by lunchtime on Friday and the areas of roadway where effluent had run from the blocked manhole were disinfected by our contractors.

“Our contractors recently cleared a similar blockage on Megdale.”

He added that the discharge was not raw sewage.

He said: “The discharge from the sewers was liquid, albeit dirty liquid.”