Blocked pavement sparks safety fears

An engineering merchant has vowed to address parking problems after a mother raised concerns about its vans blocking the pavement.

Twiggs is considering options to alleviate the problem outside its premises in Dimple Road, Matlock, after mum–of–four Emma Fox highlighted safety issues.

She said: “I’m sick to death of people parking all over the pavements so that my children and I have to walk on the road.

“This is a constant problem at the bottom of Dimple Road and Bakewell Road leading to Crown Square.

“How are they allowed to keep parking like this?”

Emma, of Brackenfield, often comes to Matlock to visit her mother.

She added that having trucks or vans parked outside the store also made it difficult to cross the road as people can’t see around them.

Emma pointed out that disabled people would also struggle to get past.

Commenting on Facebook, Denise Elliott said: “I think it has happened to every mum walking down the Dimple with a pram.

“I have had this problem as well in the past. I went in the shop and asked the driver to move.”

Sally Phipps added: “Totally agree! No excuse with a car park across the road.”

Neil Jones said: “Waiting restrictions are enforceable to the back of the highway boundary.

“You don’t have to actually be parked on the double yellow lines.

Lianne Morton added: “I live just up the road from here and it’s a nightmare without a buggy.”

Richard Tarbatt, a director at Twiggs, said: “If the van was parked there it would just be there for loading and unloading.

“It’s a shame the person who had a problem didn’t make us aware of it.

“We don’t want to annoy people. It’s regrettable that it’s attracted so many negative comments.

“We have told our drivers to make sure they don’t block the pavement, but it’s not just us it’s customer parking as well.

“There are loading bays there. Customers do park over the road, but the car park is quite full and some people do want to park outside the shop,”

He added that the problem may be exasperated by the lack of demarcation of the parking bays and said Twiggs would consider outlining them more in the future.

“We employ a lot of people here,” Richard added. “It’s not something that we would want to upset people about.”

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