Blood boiled at recycling letter

My blood boiled when I read the “litter letter” article of last week which was directed at Irfan Shabir of the Maazi Indian restaurant.

I regularly recycle at Sainsbury’s and am often sickened by the rubbish left by mindless folk who either find the bins full and cannot hold on to their rubbish for another visit or cannot be bothered to sort it an so leave it dumped in carrier bags on the ground.

On Monday this week, I recycled tins. The bin clearly states that cans only should be put in and no other recyclable material. Someone couldn’t be bothered and had dumped a carrier full of cans inside the bin.

It probably would be a good idea for the takeaway boxes to contain a message suggesting responsible recycling, but Mr Shabir must not be held responsible for those incapable of reading or sorting what ought to go where.

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