Blueprint for county’s future under review

Plans setting out major developments needed to support Derbyshire’s growing population over the next 15-20 years are being reviewed.

Derbyshire County Council is working with district and borough councils across the county to review major infrastructure needed to support the local economy such as:

Rail and road improvements and maintenance.

Links for public transport, walking and cycling.

Investment in schools.

Accommodation, care and support for older people.

Flood management schemes


Household waste recycling centres


District and borough councils ask housing developers to make financial contributions to help pay for additional services and facilities needed to support residents in new housing developments. And they make a similar request to developers on behalf of the county council.

Now the county council is reviewing the guidance it provides to developers and district and borough councils setting out appropriate levels of funding depending on the size, type and location of the development.

And it is also reviewing the process for negotiating and collecting developer contributions.

Councillor Joan Dixon, Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, said: “The county council wants to build a strong economy that creates jobs, supports businesses and provides a future for our young people.

“That means planning ahead and making sure there is infrastructure in the right place at the right time.

“Times are tough for the building industry. But the county council does not have a bottomless purse to pay for all the additional services and facilities needed to support a growing population resulting from additional housing.

“That is why the county council is setting out the appropriate contributions expected from developers to support the communities they build.”

A public consultation is being held to give people a chance to comment on the plan