Book aims to bowl kids over

Iain O'Brien author of Pirates Don't Play Cricket
Iain O'Brien author of Pirates Don't Play Cricket

A former international cricketer hopes to get kids hooked on sport with a new book he has co–written.

Iain O’Brien, who played cricket for New Zealand for five years as well as Leicestershire and Middlesex cricket clubs, has turned his talents to writing a colourful children’s novel – ‘Pirates Don’t Play Cricket’.

The 36–year–old, of Dimple Road, Matlock, started work on the novel with co–author, Rowan Gibson, while both were battling with depression.

“The story is about a couple of kids – Dan and Priya – who discover some pirates playing cricket and join in,” the father of two explained.

The book was snapped up by My Little Big Town Publishing and the pair now have high hopes of creating a series of books all based around the same characters.

“The two children are going to be characters throughout the books and they are going to have different adventures,” Iain explained.

Catching on to the hype of the Olympic year, the books will focus on sporting activities and aim to get youngsters interested in sport.

“The message was that kids should take up sport and try something new,” he continued.

The book is aimed at children aged from five to eight years old and will be available to buy in May next year.

A share of the profits from the book will go towards Chance to Shine, a cause which aims to educate children through cricket.

Further information on the campaign is available by visiting www.chancetoshine.org