Booze-busting bid for entire town

Shirebrook from above.
Shirebrook from above.

A whole town is to be covered by an order to tackle drinking on the streets and anti-social behaviour.

The move to include all of Shirebrook came at the request of a local anti-social behaviour group, including Derbyshire police and the town council.

The market town of more then 10,000 residents had previously seen smaller designated public place orders (DPPOs) – but these will be replaced with one

A DPPO allows officers to arrest people who refuse to stop drinking on request.

The order was approved by Bolsover District Council (BDC) and will come into effect at the end of May.

A Derbyshire police spokesman said: “The purpose of these orders is to better allow police and our partners to properly focus on the issues that affect local people.

“Residents in Shirebrook have raised concerns about people drinking in public places and the alcohol-related nuisance behaviour that often follows.

“Having this order in place means that we can confiscate alcohol from people drinking on the streets, in parks or other public areas in Shirebrook and make sure that the community is safe from alcohol-related disorder.”

A spokesman for BDC refused to comment further when contacted by the Derbyshire Times.

However, documents presented to the council stated: “There is evidence that, in the area of Shirebrook, there have been incidents of alcohol-related nuisance and disorder.

“A DPPO gives the police greater powers to confiscate alcohol from people drinking in that area.

“There are no alternative options available.”

The council carried out a full public consultation on the plans before making a decision.