Boston bomb chaos for Matlock family

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A Matlock man who competed in the Boston Marathon has told of the “sheer relief” he feels that none of his family were harmed in the bombings that killed three people.

Kelechi Ugonna, of Smedley Street, had already finished the race when the attack happened and was eating with his family at a mall nearby.

“Suddenly we heard all these screams and people were running through the mall looking absolutely terrified,” said Kelechi.

Restaurant staff escorted diners through a back exit and Kelechi, his wife Angharad, daughter Ifeoma, 5, and son Toben, 3, headed out on to the streets.

Kelechi said: “The noise from emergency services and all people screaming was deafening.

“Seeing all the adults scared and panicking was very upsetting for the children too.

“We just ran to the tube station, which had already closed down, and then hailed a taxi to take us out of the city centre as quickly as possible.”

It wasn’t until the family were in the taxi that they listened to the news and discovered what had happened.

“We couldn’t believe anybody would do such a terrible thing,” said Kelechi.

“I just feel so lucky that I had finished the race in a good time and my family were all well away from the explosion when it happened.

He added: “If I had been slower, it could have been a lot different.”