BREAKING NEWS: Derbyshire goes red as Labour clinches victory over the Tories

Irene Ratcliffe, Labour, took Wirksworth.
Irene Ratcliffe, Labour, took Wirksworth.

Labour party members are celebrating after taking control of Derbyshire County Council in the elections.

The party currently has 41 seats with the result of just one more seat to be revealed.

Speaking to Derbyshire Times reporter Jon Cooper at County Hall in Matlock the Derbyshire County Labour Party secretary, Joe Murphy, said: “The council is back in Labour control and we are looking forward to implementing the manifesto and looking forward to the next four years.”

He added: “People in Derbyshire have clearly had enough of the Conservatives and we are looking forward to the future.

Irene Ratcliffe, pictured, from the Labour party who took the Wirksworth seat, said: “I am absolutely thrilled. Not only to be brought back into Wirksworth but more so that I will be working with a Labour county council.

“It has also been wonderful seeing so many young people voting and engaging in politics.”

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