Brexit - A clean break

With only 11 weeks to the planned Brexit day, various political factions are still trying to lead Brexit in different directions.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 12:37 pm
Updated Friday, 11th January 2019, 12:39 pm

Alas, these options are all too late or do not comply with the referendum result of 2016.

Cancelling Brexit would soon leave us far worse off than we are now. The new fishing rules are already set to provide significant difficulties to what is left of our fishing industry. Delaying Brexit for whatever reason requires the agreement of the EU and will only prolong the agony.

There is no free trade deal on the table and the draft withdrawal agreement, which would become a treaty and thus legally binding, contains several aspects injected by the EU that would be the ruin of the UK. Even if these aspects were removed, the plan is to keep the UK in a customs union that would curtail many of the freedoms it seeks; regardless of how many times this is denied.

The only course of action left is simply to walk away without any agreement. This would make a clean break and we would be free to trade with the rest of the world on equal terms. We then could

discuss our future relations with the EU and negotiate a free trade deal with them, from a position of advantage rather than disadvantage.

This so called no-deal scenario should be called the WTO deal and it should not be feared. On trading matters we would effectively leave the self centred EU for the larger and more powerful

WTO. It is the only option that ends Brexit on the 29 th March 2019, fulfils all aspects of the referendum result and would allow the government to turn their attention back to important domestic matters. Some people call this unchartered territory, I call it freedom.

M A McCormick

By email

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