Bright future for rising star

Hannah Smith named as Drum Magazine's top women
Hannah Smith named as Drum Magazine's top women

A BAKEWELL businesswoman is ‘over the moon’ after being voted as one of Britain’s highest achieving women in digital marketing.

Hannah Swift, owner of Bright Digital Minds, came 12th in Drum Magazine’s top women in digital marketing – one year after starting her company.

She said: “Being included in such a prestigious list of young women is an incredible feeling. In a typically male dominated environment, I’m flattered to have been nominated by my peers as a female making an impression.”

The 27-year-old, who has a degree in Geology and Science Communication, was one of over 600 nominees for the revered list – which includes women from the Telegraph, Schuh and Tesco’s.

Hannah said: “The phenomenal amount of nominations goes to show there are plenty of women out there making the mark.”

Develop a successful business in such a short amount of time has not been an easy task, though, and Hannah has a few pearls of wisdom for anybody thinking of following in her footsteps.

Having a ‘business mentor’ and a strong network of friends to ‘bounce ideas’ off are great ways to start.

She said: “Probably the most important thing is to start up a business in something that you love doing.

“If you go for something because you think there’s money to be made, then chances are you’ll fizzle out before you’ve made a penny.”

Hannah’s business specialises in social media and blog management, consultancy and training, freelance copywriting and site clinics.

Hannah said: “The plans for the year ahead are aggressive, our aim is to recruit more staff as our client base grows and also to look to apprentices to give young people a chance to learn valuable skills in online marketing and business.”

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