Broadband is not so fast

I wish that Nick Frame was correct and that the region really was “leading the way” when it comes to the race for lightning fast broadband (Matlock Mercury, December 8).

However, a more complete reading of recent local Government reports suggests we are barely likely to have fast-speed broadband in the Dales by the 2016 Olympics, let alone 2012.

Yes, the county council has been allocated just over £7m in Government support. According to the report we discussed at the district council’s partnership and regeneration committee in November, the county council might also be able to access some of the £20m the Government is making available to provide broadband in upland rural areas like the Peak District. So far, so good. But what Nick Frame missed out was that this potential funding is well below the £70 million-plus required to roll out superfast broadband across Derbyshire as a whole.

So unless Nick knows of some so far undivulged funding pot, most homes and businesses in the Derbyshire Dales will not be enjoying fast broadband in the near future. Yes, I know it was one of the promises David Cameron made during the last general election campaign.

Sadly it seems to have gone the way of most of his promises – in this case it’s got lost in cyberspace.

Bob Cartwright

Derbyshire Dales District Councillor

(Masson Ward)