Bungee mayor’s charity plunge

Matlock’s new mayor will be taking a leap to raise money for charity.

Twenty three–year–old Peter Wildgoose will be one of more than 15 people taking part in a sponsored bungee jump in the car park of The Tavern pub, in Nottingham Road, Tansley, tonight.

Cllr Wildgoose works at the pub, and will be jumping off 200 foot high platform to raise money for Tansley Primary School, where he was a pupil.

He said: “I have never felt the need to jump off something like that.

“I’ve not got wings – I’m not meant to fly.”

People taking part in the event tonight are doing it for their own chosen charities.

Cllr Wildgoose said: “I have got about £300 raised for the school so far so I have not choice in the situation now – no matter what I will be taking the plunge.”

He said that while he was not afraid of heights he was looking forward to the task being over an done with.

Anyone who wants to show their support for Peter and the rest of the people taking part in the bungee jump, or sponsor them, can do so by going to the Tavern at 6pm this evening.