Burst pipe warning from water company

WITH more snow falling in the past day and temperatures plummeting, Severn Trent Water are experiencing higher than usual call levels from customers with frozen pipes. If your pipes are frozen it could mean that you are getting no water supply.

Severn Trent’s pipes are buried deep enough for them not to freeze, so a lot of the time it is the customer’s own pipes which are frozen.

Paul Baldwyn, customer service centre manager said “Many customers may not realise that Severn Trent is only responsible for the water mains and service pipes in the public highway. Anything inside the property boundary is the responsibility of the homeowner.

“Taking steps now to make sure the pipework leading to your home and within your property is protected from the cold can help avoid problems with frozen pipes later in the winter.”

If anyone finds they have no water no during this cold snap, check pipes for signs of splitting and if there is any damage, call a plumber.

If it is not fixed quickly, it could end up with flooding once the water thaws.

Check with neighbours, to see if they have water. It is likely to be a private supply pipe which runs from your property to the main that has frozen.

If you are struggling to locate a plumber, we have a list of approved plumbers on our website at www.stwater.co.uk.

And for more help and advice on how to protect your pipes and home from the cold weather, visit www.stwater.co.uk/winter