Ade Edmondson savours best of town

Local food loving comedian, actor and musician Ade Edmondson sampled some of the Peak District most famous delicacies when he visited the area to film a programme for a forthcoming television series.

Ade, 54, – currently recording ‘Ade in Britain’, due to be screened by ITV1 later this year – joined the ‘Bakewell Pudding versus Bakewell Tart’ debate when he visited the town to sample its best-known pastry confections.

Ade learned how to make a traditional Bakewell Pudding at The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop in The Square, before trying out a Bakewell Tart and other specialities at The Bakewell Tart Shop and Coffee House in Matlock Street.

The film crew also capture the hustle and bustle of Bakewell’s traditonal market.