Athlete tastes drink success

Lynwen Harrison
Lynwen Harrison

A Matlock physiotherapist has launched a brand new fitness drink

Lynwen Harrison, 41, a physiotherapist for Derbyshire Community Health Services, is launching what is believed to be the first sports recovery drink of its kind.

After the birth of her second child, keen swimmer and cyclist Lynwen’s goal was to get trim and fit again, and compete in more triathlons.

She began trying sports drinks to see if they would help her recover faster. Disliking their taste and the fuss of having to measure and mix them, she began experimenting with making her own milk and yoghurt drinks in her kitchen.

Now Lynwen and her business partner Rachel Smith, 39, have created Nourish Me Now, a ready-made drink using high quality natural ingredients such as cherry juice, green tea, lemon and probiotic yoghurt and milk.

Lynwen said: “Competing is compulsive, I just love it. I really take myself to the limit when I train. Consequently, I wanted to look after myself by finding something to support my training.

“Like many other tired and time pressed mums, I didn’t want the additional bother of measuring and mixing recovery drink powders. I wanted a convenient, tasty and quality product from natural ingredients, which inspired the idea for Nourish Me Now.”

The pair launched Nourish Me Now at the Hathersage Hilly triathlon on Sunday, July 17, with athletes encouraged to buy it and give their feedback. The business is also looking to exhibit at other regional sports events to roll the drink out locally to start with, and welcomes invitations.

To run a Nourish Me Now stall at your sporting event call 07852 923719

or 07803 294604

The product’s nutritional value has been tested by Sheffield Hallam University. Bradwell’s Dairy Ice Cream has lent its support to the new start-up business by manufacturing the first batch of the product at its Derbyshire premises.

The Hathersage Hilly is a fitting starting point for the local launch of nouriSH me now. It was the first triathlon that Lynwen took part in, back in 2006 before she then took two years out due to the birth of her second son. Her regime of training hard two to three times a week has also resulted in her achieving a major personal ambition, being selected as an amateur athlete for the Great Britain triathlon team (40-44 age group) and taking part in the World Championships in Budapest last year and again in Spain last month. Lynwen has also just been reselected for 2011/12 coming first in a trial held as part of the recent Rother Valley triathlon.

“Lynwen was selected for the GB triathlon team as a reserve, at the Grendon triathlon in Northamptonshire 2010 which incorporated the qualifying trials, when one of the top four women was injured. She explains: “I began noticing that I was gradually getting fitter and placing well in the field for my age plus I was on the tail of my husband whenever we went for a bike ride, much to his admiration and horror. I had a dream of trying that bit harder to get into the GB team. When my youngest son was nine-months-old, I thought I’d have a go.

“I very nearly didn’t attend the qualifying trials but my neighbour nagged me not to let the opportunity pass, and said she’d look after the kids. I was so sleep deprived. My bike had barely seen the light of day in 18 months. I had stirrups on my bike shoes instead of the more energy efficient clips. The only carbohydrate loading I’d done was downing a burger and a beer the night before. When I was told I’d qualified, I couldn’t quite believe it. I was absolutely over the moon,” recalls Lynwen, who has recently joined Sheffield Triathlon Club.

Lynwen and her business partner, retail expert and mother-of-three Rachel Smith, who has previously worked as a product developer and buyer for Marks and Spencer for 10 years, want to build up a following of nouriSH me now enthusiasts on their home turf first. Rachel has been instrumental in the brand and product development, taking care of the commercial and design aspects, as well as marketing. She says: “Sheffield is recognised as a major sporting city, so we have the perfect opportunity to promote our drink to local health enthusiasts, and amateur and professional athletes. Plus we both have strong links to Sheffield. “

The capitals SH in the product name are a subtle nod to the city, and also relate to Lynwen and Rachel’s surname initials. Their product is aimed at health enthusiasts, such as gym users and those who exercise to look good and keep fit, recreational athletes who like to compete, and elite athletes (including amateur and professionals) who compete more seriously and want the right product for performance and recovery. Adds Lynwen: “All my training takes place in and around the city. Quite honestly, if I didn’t live here I am not sure I would have been inspired to get as far as I have. The landscape and sporting attitude here is just fantastic.”

• NouriSH me now is available to run a stall at your sporting event.. The website will be available shortly.

Notes to Editors

1. Recovery drinks comprise carbohydrate to replace muscle glycogen, protein to help repair damaged muscle tissue, and water to replace fluid loss. Sports scientists have discovered an optimal 20 to 30 minute window following training and competing when taking on a protein/carbohydrate mix aids muscle recovery allowing you to train again sooner. 2. Lynwen gained a first class honours degree in animal and plant biology from Sheffield University and then studied for a physiotherapy degree at Sheffield Hallam University.