Council puts plan into action to cope with budget cuts

The council has set up a new fund to help tackle it’s financial difficulties.

Derbyshire County Council has introduced the Derbyshire Challenge Fund to help make the changes needed to cope with recent budget cuts.

Council Leader, Anne Western, said: “Because we have to save such a huge amount of money, £157million over five years, we need to consider fundamental changes to the way we deliver services.

“The Derbyshire Challenge Fund will help us invest some money to make the changes we need to do, to make bigger savings in the future.”

The Derbyshire Challenge Fund stands at £2.5million. The money has come from savings from budgets within the council including smarter purchasing, which is to save £2million each year for the next four years, savings on the civic budget of £80,000, ending the Derbyshire Young Achiever and Excellence in the Community awards, saving £30,000, and savings on the members allowance budget totalling £7,000.

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