DERBYSHIRE: Business experts look to cut red tape

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NEWS: News.

The Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce is working with D2N2 and Derbyshire County Council to cut red tape which is hindering business.

It is part of the Better Business For All initiative from the Better Regulation Delivery Office.

The BRDO commissioned D2N2, the Local Enterprise Partnership, to engage local firms in the campaign to cut paperwork which wastes time, is excessively complex and has financial implications.

In the DNCC Quarterly Economic Survey for the first three months of this year only three per cent of respondents said the coalition Government’s ‘one in two out’ pledge to remove two items of red tape for every new piece coming in had made a difference to their business.

Working with the Better Regulation Delivery Office, local authorities, Trading Standards, the Fire Service, the Environment Agency, HMRC and the Health and Safety Executive, the partners are seeking ways to reduce the burden of business bureaucracy.

One of the methods being mooted is for a lighter touch across the board.

The partners have held meetings with owners and senior staff of regional SMEs to discuss how best to slash red tape and will be hosting a major event in October to drive reductions in red tape.

Scott Knowles, Deputy Chief Executive of the DNCC, said: “Over the past decade or so there has been a surfeit of red tape imposed on businesses of all sizes.

“While bigger companies can absorb the cost, financial and in terms of time, needed to meet the demands of the bureaucracy, smaller companies are being penalised by having to comply with the same rules and regulations despite having smaller budgets and fewer staff.

“It has been recognised at last that something has to be done to level the playing field and the Chamber is happy to be doing what it can to achieve that goal.”