Derbyshire: Scheme gets to heart of local food

Business News
Business News

Food businesses from restaurants and takeaways to pubs and cafes are being encouraged to promote healthier eating by becoming members of a new scheme called Heart of Derbyshire.

The Heart of Derbyshire scheme is being developed by Derbyshire County Council and will officially launch to the public in September.

The scheme will have a number of elements, all focussing on improving the health of people across Derbyshire through healthier food choices.

Food businesses across Derbyshire are being encouraged to register for free to become members of the scheme, and as well as promoting healthier choices to customers, it is hoped being a member will boost their businesses too.

To join, they will be asked to make a number of pledges on healthy eating, from using less fat, salt and sugar in their products to offering smaller portion sizes as a choice and using more vegetables, fruit and wholegrains.

For further information on the scheme, visit the website