Local produce on your table

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A new business puts convenience back into buying local while placing fresh produce on the tables of customers.

DE4 Food has been set up to link local food producers with residents in the DE4 postcode.

Helen Cunningham, one of the company’s directors, held a trial to see how well it would work – allowing people to order their food online and pick it up from Tansley Community Hall.

“It was great,” she said.

“People seemed to have been very happy with the produce and very pleased that could come and collect vegetables and other food in one place.”

DE4 Food is being run as a cooperative, meaning it is run by its producers and its customers. It has an annual membership fee of just £1.

There were 36 orders as part of the trial who were able to pick up items such as vegetables, meat, cakes and bread from producers in places such as Ashover, Hackney and Riber.

Any items which can not be sourced locally, such as lentils, pasta and flour, are Fairtrade.

“We’re looking for an ethical way to buy items – Matlock is a Fairtrade town after all,” Helen continued.

Customers can either pick up orders from a pick up point or have their food delivered to their door.

“We have environmental objectives about cutting carbon emissions as well so it doesn’t really make sense for everybody to drive to Tansley to pick up their food when I could have one vehicle delivering to them instead.”

The business aims to cover the entire DE4 area.

Further information is available by visiting DE4 Food’s website www.de4food.org.uk