PM criticises teachers’ strike after schools closed in Derbyshire

The National Union of Teachers members went on strike on March 26
The National Union of Teachers members went on strike on March 26

Prime Minister David Cameron has criticised the teachers’ one-day strike during an interview with the Derbyshire Times as “unnecessary and unjustified”.

NUT union members took industrial action on Wednesday, March 26, forcing school closures across Derbyshire and the country over claims of excessive workloads and planned changes to pay and pensions.

Teachers are concerned about Government plans to introduce performance-related pay and changes to pensions which would mean more input from salaries and less opportunity for early retirement.

Mr Cameron, of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government, said: “I think teachers are being treated fairly and there is no justification for the strike.

“A teaching union asked for talks and then went ahead with a strike.

“But less than a quarter of teachers went ahead with it.

“It was unnecessary and unjustified and disrupted parents’ lives.

“The introduction of performance-related pay will mean teachers who teach well will get paid more.”

NUT members have also complained about unmanageable working conditions, excessively long hours and plans for a new overly-bureaucratic structure.

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