Retro shop is a time warp

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A retro shop that opened this week takes customers on a trip down memory lane to the funky 70s and beyond to Matlock’s spa town past.

Us Retro, which opened in Crown Square on Monday, is a treasure trove of nick nacks from days gone by.

Husband and wife team Kora Nuch and Andy Brien opened the shop after running a successful business on the internet.

“The shop sells antiques, vintage and retro items,” Kora said.

“We normally do it online, but we decided it was time to set up shop.

“We are a little bit nervous about our business venture but we are looking forward to what might be.”

Kora explained that she and her husband were trying to do something different to what other businesses offered and capture the interest of customers.

From Pac–Man alarm clocks to postcard picture books of Matlock from the early 19th Century, the shop is full of surprises.

“We have had a lot of people come in to see us since we opened and they were quite pleased with what we have got,” Kora continued.

“We have had many positive comments.

“A lot of what we sell reminds people of when they were little and we have quite a few of interesting things.

“People have said ‘we need more shops like this in Matlock’.”

Kora and her husband live in Chesterfield and know Matlock well from numerous visits.

“The shop in Matlock became available and we like the area around here,” she said.

“It’s nice here, especially in summer.”