Show us your ‘down undies’

Former kiwi cricketer Iain O'Brien with his new line of mens underwear
Former kiwi cricketer Iain O'Brien with his new line of mens underwear

A former New Zealand cricketer is setting his sights down under after starting his own underwear company.

Iain O’Brien, of Dimple Road, Matlock, decided to come up with his own range of sporting undies after experiencing discomfort during his career as an international cricketer.

The 36–year–old played cricket for New Zealand – his home country – for five years.

In England he has also played professional cricket for Leicestershire and Middlesex county cricket clubs, as well as Glapwell, South Wingfield and Anston cricket clubs.

Now retired from his job as an international sporting star, Iain has settled in Matlock with his wife and two children.

His internet–based business, 010 Gear, specialises in underwear for sports people.

“I never liked the underwear that we has to wear,” he recalled.

“It was never comfortable and so I wanted to make something that would be comfortable for more guys.”

He got to work designing a range of undies and is now having them manufactured locally.

“The fabric is made in Nottingham and my manufacturer is in Mansfield,” he continued.

“The rest I have done myself – all the branding and packaging.

“I believe in the business.”

Iain has used some of his contacts in the sporting world to test out his creating.

“I have send out sample pairs to a few professional sportsman and they are queuing up for more,” he said.

Iain is planning to launch his enterprise this month.

For further information on 010 Gear, visit the company’s website,