Valet gets the Peaks steamy

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A steamy new service is offering drivers a more eco–friendly way of looking after their cars.

The new business has brought the steam back to Hassop Station, of the A6020, with its car valeting service.

E Steam claims to be the first steam cleaning valet business in the Peak District.

‘The finish is unbelievable, it really is a high shine finish and our customers love it,” said Martin Hooten, who set up the company with business partner Ian Cheetham

‘They say they have been crying out for a service like this in the Bakewell area for years.”

The system uses a hi tech steam machine that needs no detergents and little water but cleans and at the same time applies wax.

“It is perfect for blasting away corrosive salt from gritted roads and is equally effective on interior upholstery,” Martin explained.

‘The specialised machine doesn’t use detergents and all the mud and dirt is collected in micro fibre cloths so no mud or detergents are going into the water table.

“And the fact that traditional car washes were in danger of polluting the water table in this beautiful area was one of the reasons why this has never been done before, so we pride ourselves on the fact that this has such a low impact but offers such a high level of effectiveness.

Ian added: “Everything from mud to dog fleas can be cleaned from the interior while the exterior gets a superior shine.”

The cars can be washed both inside and out.

E Steam is open seven days a week between 9am and 4pm and is located next to Hassop Bookshop.

To book a full valet, call Ian on 07813923048.