Businesses urged to up security to protect against cybercriminals

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Business owners across Derbyshire are being encouraged to give their company a ‘security health check’ to help protect against cybercriminals.

As part of the Protect Yourself Online initiative, officers are advising business owners across the county to consider the cyber security of their organisation.

Digital PCSO, Shevani Raichura, said: “Over recent months you may have seen headlines in the news of businesses falling victim to cybercrime, including email hacking and data protection breaches.

“Cybercrime can pose as a huge threat to companies, from both local businesses to international organisations, so it is important to take steps to protect from such attacks.

“Cybercriminals are becoming highly sophisticated so it is worth investing time into a protocol for what would happen if there was a case of cyber emergency and what procedures would be put into place if the security is breached.

“Taking responsibility and educating staff around what to do if they have come across some malware, ransomware or have clicked on something by accident that they shouldn’t have are vital.

“It is important to use strong password security in your organisation and ensure that all software is up to date to help minimise risks of cybercriminals accessing confidential information.”

Top tips for protecting your business against cybercrime include:

Be wary of using public Wi-Fi on a business laptop or device, and always turn your Wi-Fi off completely when you’re not using it;

Do not send private, sensitive information over email. Your computer may be highly secure but the recipient’s may not;

Give your PC a health check - Ensure that firewalls, anti-virus software, and malware protection are enabled and up to date;

Restrict access where appropriate and boost staff knowledge around protecting private and confidential business data;

Grant different levels of access to staff, depending on their role and business needs.

For more information on protecting your business from cybercrime, visit the dedicated cyberhub at