Businessman told sign has got 2 Go

A Matlock business owner says he’s baffled by warnings from the council to take his sign down - or face the consequences.

Within hours of opening his new business Maazi 2 Go, in Crown Square, Irfan Shabir was approached by an officer from Derbyshire Dales District Council telling him to take his sign down.

Mr Shabir, who is using the new site as a restaurant while he refurbishes his existing business, Maazi, in Causeway Lane, was told he would need advertising consent to keep the sign up.

“The officer said the sign wasn’t approved, he didn’t like it and I needed advertisement consent,” he said.

“It’s a bit strong because there was a sign at Momtaz before, we’re just replacing a sign for a sign.

“I don’t understand why they want me to take it down.”

Mr Shabir was later sent a letter informing him that the sign was not in keeping with the character of the town.

He was warned that if he did not take action within an allotted period of time he could face prosecution.

A spokesman for the council stated: “Mr Shabir has erected a new sign that needs advertisement consent. He hasn’t applied for consent and so is in breach of planning control.

“The fact there may be similar other signs in the town is irrelevant because they are probably authorised.

“We would urge Mr Shabir to speak directly with the district council on any issues he finds confusing, as we are here to help.”