Buxton garden project is growing

Caroline Hall at the community garden off Granby Road Fairfield
Caroline Hall at the community garden off Granby Road Fairfield

Plans for a new community wildlife area in Fairfield are gathering pace with local people and businesses being asked to support the project.

Local resident Caroline Hall is leading a project to re-develop and maintain the site at Granby Road park. Once completed, it is hoped it will provide an interesting and educational experience for children.

Caroline said: “I’m on a countryside management course at the University of Derby and thought this project would be good to tie in with that.

“The park was put here four years ago by Marks and Spencers but it has never been maintained or kept going.

“We’d like to create a sensory wildlife area with lots of colours and scents, an area for small mammals, somewhere for insects, and edible bushes and plants for the children to sample themselves.

“We really want to get the children involved and let them be a part of it. They can learn so much more outdoors than in a classroom.”

A special launch day will take place on April 13 when local people and businesses will be invited to go along and find out more about the project.

Work days to help prepare the site will also take place on April 15, 17, 22 and 24.

In the long run, it is hoped to maybe create a community orchard on the site and use both spaces as outdoor classrooms.

“I really want to get kids off their Xboxes and into the fields enjoying themselves and learning,” Caroline added.

“Kids love to get dirty and the idea is to get the local people, particularly the younger generation, involved to give them a greater feeling of responsibility and pride in the project.”

Anyone who would like to find out more or get involved, can contact Caroline via email at chall24@gmail.com or through Facebook.