Cable car used to help injured walker in Matlock Bath

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Mountain rescuers were called to help an injured woman at the Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath on Friday - and ended up using one of the famous cable cars as part of their rescue mission.

Members of the Derby team attended the scene after the local woman slipped while out walking high above Matlock Bath and injured her ankle.

A Community First Responder and East Midlands Ambulance Service crew were called to the scene but due to the location of the incident, mountain rescuers were also needed.

Twenty team members responded, with those arriving first making their way up the hill on foot and using a Land Rover vehicle. The Heights of Abraham’s management were then contacted and a request was made to use the cable cars to get equipment and more personnel up to the top. The cable cars were then configured to run at their highest speed to bring equipment up to the scene.

After treatment on site, the woman was evacuated by the team back to the cable car and three cars were used to carry her, supported by team members, back down to the car park and across to a waiting ambulance.

She was then taken to Chesterfield hospital for further treatment.

A team spokesman said: “We’re very grateful to the team at the Heights of Abraham for making their facilities available to us. It certainly made the evacuation much easier as vehicular access was not available and it would have been a long and potentially painful stretcher carry for the casualty.”