Call to paint Derbyshire red in Red Cross charity walk

Red Cross
Red Cross

The British Red Cross are calling on families from Heanor and Ripley to paint Derbyshire red and take part in their brand new Red Shoe Walk.

The walk is set to take place on Saturday 7 June starting from Edale Village Hall, covering an overall total of 8 miles.

Participants of all ages will be asked to dress in red and will be encouraged to wear either a pair of free red shoe covers or their own red shoes.

The event forms part of a series of Red Shoe Walks across the country for the charity’s annual Red Cross Week, which aims to raise £1million for British Red Cross work at home and overseas.

Local British Red Cross fundraiser, Alex Gadsby, says: “The Red Shoe Walk launched in London last year and huge a great success, attracting over 400 participants.

“This year we want more even people to join in the fun, and so decided to extend the event across the country. No matter your age or where you live there is a Red Shoe Walk to suit you – the Derbyshire event being our closest and in my opinion as a Belper lass, the most beautiful!

“It really is a great day out for the whole family and a great opportunity to raise some money for the Red Cross.“

Everyone who takes part will receive a free pair of red shoe covers, a fundraising pack full of tips and advice of how to raise as much as possible, as well as maps and directions for the challenge. Those who raise £100 or more will receive an exclusive Red Cross t-shirt as a memento of their achievement.