Calling all Bob Dylan fans

How many roads must a man walk down to find enough Bob Dylan fans to start a fan club?

The answer, my friend, is somewhere in Wirksworth.

Andy Miller, of Wirksworth, is hoping to start an interest group about the legendary singer.

And he’s asking any fellow Dylan fans to get in touch.

Andy said: “As a life-long enthusiast for the music of Bob Dylan, I am attempting to set up a Bob Dylan interest group for the region.

“Given his prolific output for 50 years, I would love to see an East Midlands and South Yorkshire Dylan Interest Group based in Wirksworth.

“I envisage that we could meet three or four times a year for conversation over a drink, perhaps focusing discussion on a particular album or publication. If the group takes off we might also think about an occasional live music event.”

Anyone who is interested in helping Andy set up a Bob Dylan group can contact him on