Cameras would catch idiots

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I was leaving my son’s grave last weekend when a council bloke spoke to me about the dog mess situation.

I agree with him, apart from sitting down at the cemetery all day there is no chance what-so-ever of catching the idiots who are responsible for letting their dogs mess everywhere.

Why doesn’t the council invest in CCTV, get some cameras up, not only to catch the people responsible but also to protect against any vandalism that may occur?

With schools being closed for the summer holidays there are always young people hanging around the cemetery because they are bored.

Why doesn’t the council stop free bus fare for old people and put that money to good use by getting some cameras up?

For how much rent and council tax people have to pay its about time they got their priorities right.

Stop free bus passes and think about the upkeep of this beautiful cemetery.

Something needs to be done now.

Lorraine Greenhough

Darley Dale

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