Campaigners’ shock after ad taken down

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Campaigners against a plan for 118 new houses on greenfield land in Snitteron are mystified by the removal of their advertising banners.

As part of their campaign Snitterton Fields Campaign Group booked adverts on fuel pump filler nozzles on the forecourt at Sainsburys in Matlock, but were shocked to find that the adverts had disappeared without warning.

And when the group enquired what had happened, the only explanation given was that Sainsburys had removed the adverts because of a complaint.

The advert’s designer, Stephen Pidlington, of Longbow Design, said: “No-one will give us any information about what the objection was, or who objected. The adverts simply disappeared overnight, without any notification.”

Meanwhile, plans have been submitted by Groveholt Ltd, the developer behind the Snitterton Fields project, to erect a 48m-wide by 3m-high advertising board on Matlock Spa Road, nearby to Sainsburys.

Developer Groveholt Ltd has already submitted plans for 586 houses in total at the ‘Matlock Spa’ development - with 468 of the homes to be built on the brownfield sites of Cawdor quarry and the former Permanite works.

Chief among Snitterton Fields Campaign Group’s concerns is that Groveholt Ltd will not deliver the development of Cawdor Quarry and the former Permanite works part of the site as the costs of cleaning up the contaminants on brownfield sites like these leave developers with too little profit.

But, David Morley, of David Morley Architects, told the Mercury there was no risk that Snitterton Fields could be built on and the quarry would not be developed.

He added: “It is anticipated that if permission was granted the council would require details of phasing to be submitted and approved before any construction at all could commence.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “After feedback from customers the advert was removed and a refund provided.”