Can openers boost Bikes for Africa appeal

Ashover Celebration Choir leader Ruth Russell turned up for Sunday morning service at All Saints Church armed with two large can openers

The reason was to help choir member Barbara Fisher open a sealed collecting tin containing donations towards buying two off-road trail bikes for use by Christian clergymen in a remote part of Kenya.

And when they opened the can, they found cash totalling £143.

The appeal tin was introduced to the choir by Barbara last December when members were invited to make a donation in lieu of sending Christmas cards to each other. She also received support from her colleagues at Chesterfield’s Ondrives Precision Manufacturing company.

Barbara said: “We’re delighted with the result and very grateful to everyone for their contributions.”

The money will be used to help buy two bikes to mark the long service given by choir members the Right Revd Bob Beak, Assistant Bishop of Derby and his wife Peggy, who formerly worked in Kenya.

Bob worked in Kenya for 19 years and became Assistant Bishop of Marsabit. They returned to the UK in 1989 but maintained an active interest in the work being undertaken in the region.