Can you put up our visitors?


This year, the Matlock-Eaubonne Twinning Association celebrates its 20th year of successful twinning with its partner town Eaubonne, a pleasant town some 20km to the north of Paris.

Visits take place every year, even years seeing META members visiting Eaubonne, and odd years Eaubonne members coming to Matlock. We are expecting about 50 French visitors this year for the weekend of June 10-13, the majority of whom will be making a return visit to Matlock.

We have planned an interesting weekend of activities for the visit.

However, among the party are two new French families with children, for whom we have so far been unable to find accommodation. Both are groups of three, one consists of two parents and their daughter, aged ten, and the other is mother and two children, a boy aged ten and a girl aged 13. Both groups have requested, if possible, to be accommodated with a family with children of similar ages. Both sets of parents speak English, so language should not be a problem.

If anyone reading this can help, or is interested in finding out more, please contact:

Peter Vincent

the META Secretary

on 01246 590259 or e-mail