Cars will just move here

Following the report in last week’s issue regarding the parking on Smedley Street, I would like to reply with some concerns. I have a small Hair Salon on Wilmot Street/Sycamore Road, and I witness numerous people parking all day for various reasons.

There is a manic period at school times as you would expect for the infants school. I park my car all day for work.

I have, at the most, two clients who would park at various times in the day for appointments and there are local residents in and out with their cars or vans. I also recognise several cars where I believe the owners work at the county offices and these are parked all day.

As things stand at the moment, there appears to be room for everyone however, Tuesday can be a problem for the refuge lorry and recycling as they struggle to get down Wilmot Street. I have interrupted my work on many occasions to move my car to allow them access.

At the time I start work I park and I am not obstructing, however, as the day goes on cars are parked and left, which leaves me to be the one to move. Like I said at the moment this appears to be an ok situation under the circumstances.

What does concern me is that Wilmot Street and Sycamore Road are not mentioned in the list of streets on your report. If these are not to be included then they will be over run with parking as the boundary line will spread and they will be a target. This will cause problems at school times, for residents and my clients. I chose my premises originally with the added bonus of easy parking.

My clients who do park near to me are only staying for 2-2 1/2hrs maximum so are not a problem like someone parking all day.

If Willmot Sreet and Sycamore Road are to be included in the residents parking scheme, will I be allowed permits for myself and a couple of clients and if so at what cost?

I look forward to a possible solution,

Sharon Pepper

Peppers Hair Studio