Charlie’s disco reunion

Back in the 70’s and 80’s the youth club at Charles White School, Matlock, had a Wednesday Youth Club disco every week.

This was the highlight of Matlock’s teen social calendar for the entire area.

It attracted between 200-300 people every week and was always a great night. I can never remember there being any trouble and alcohol and drugs were not a factor at these events, and quite frankly the great music of the era gave us a high....

We are aiming to recreate this event and combine it with a school reunion. The years of leaving we have aimed for is 1980-1982 but we are happy for anyone who went there and remembered the ‘Charlie’s Discos’.

Over the decades many people have done and achieved a variety of things since leaving Charles Whites, from simply raising a family through difficult times to seeing the world, spending time in different countries, releasing albums, writing books to appearing on stage and screen. Stories will be plentiful as people meet up again, with some having

never met since their school days. And we already have confirmations from some of the teachers who were at the school at the time.

I am, and have been for over 30 years, a local mobile DJ who now makes a living out of entertaining. I’ve also recorded a special single for the night. And DJing at this place was my inspiration. I wanted to be the man in charge of the decks! Well, ‘tonight Mathew on 13th October, I’m going to be the Charlie’s Disco DJ’.

The event, at Starkholmes Village Hall, kicks off at 7:30pm through until midnight with tickets pegged at only £5.00 available from:

White Lion - Starkholmes.

Rob Kirk 07770 992317 (e-mail

Alison Wigmore 07882511950

Tracy Wildgoose 07807 7069853

Louise Morrell 07956 601679

Christine Bettis 07951 202915

Mr. R. Kirk