Check out the wind farm facts

For the past 19 years, twice a year on Sundays, I have been organising Classic Car Road Runs for all marques of classic car, taking them to all the corners of what I consider to be the most underrated County in the Country, Derbyshire. This involves taking participants to all the beauty spots, well known and lesser known, whilst at the same time trying to keep out of our already busy towns and villages but giving them the option to venture in if they so desire. I try and fit in the many beautiful and far reaching views; places to visit; places to eat and drink; following the route of lost railways like the Ashover Light Railway. We occasionally finish at our stately houses or heritage railways. Many of them stay the weekend in local B&Bs and pubs. In fact a good number of them return for longer spells with other family members. I also try and avoid the scars on our landscape; hideously designed ‘modern’ buildings; quarry faces.

I am now faced with another challenge – trying to avoid those ugly wind turbines about to ruin the area around Carsington and Hopton.

When this was first published in the Mercury, with almost comic timing, it was announced in the same issue that there would be a series of bird watching walks around Carsington Reservoir. Once these turbines are operating, the only place to see the birds will be at the base of the turbines having been minced by their rotating blades! Feather Boa anybody?

But do they work? Prof. Bullough seems to think they don’t (and I agree with him) Mr Shields says they do. Don’t take any of our words for it. Why not look for yourself. The Electricity Generating Industry has it’s own real-time website connected to the National Grid which shows at an instant exactly where our electricity is coming from.

Between a third and a half comes from coal. A quarter comes from Nuclear and gas (gas NEVER produces 55 per cent). We import between two per cent and four per cent through inter-connectors from France and the Netherlands. We are connected to Ireland but very rarely import from them. What about wind I hear you cry. During the warm spell recently, all the turbines in the UK contributed LESS THAN one per cent which means in real terms they were actually taking energy out of the national grid in order to rotate them!! Over the bank holiday weekend, they produced four per cent of our needs for about half an hour one day. Here’s said website. Don’t all look at once and bring the darn thing down will you?

Graham Ludlam



in beautiful Derbyshire