CHESTERFIELD: Labour leader Ed Miliband visits town

Ed Miliband visits Chesterfield
Ed Miliband visits Chesterfield

Supporters cheered on Labour leader Ed Miliband giving him a warm welcome on his campaign visit to Chesterfield ahead of this week’s county council elections.

But he had earlier been given a hard time about his stance on benefits and immigration by market traders.

Minutes before he gave a speech and answered mostly uncritical questions, the Doncaster North MP had a chillier reception from stallholder Janet Traill.

“I asked him about benefits and what Labour would do about it.

“At the moment because some people are still better off sitting home than at work.”

Mr Miliband was also put on the spot by Maureen Francis, another trader, who asked: “Why can’t we have a law that says you can’t claim benefits until you’ve been in the country 10 years.

Mr Miliband replied: “I agree that on day one of arriving in Britain people shouldn’t be able to claim.”