Chesterfield Operatic Society to stage Me and My Girl

Long-term supporters may experience deja vu when they watch Chesterfield Operatic Society’s latest production.

Me and My Girl is the choice for the society’s spring show which launches at the end of this month at the town’s Pomegranate Theatre.

The popular musical features such well-known songs as The Lambeth Walk and The Sun Has Got His Hat On.

Familiar faces take on the lead roles in the show. Robert Spencer and Sue Higgins are reprising the roles of Bill Snibson and Sally Smith which they last played for the society 13 years ago.

It’s a show which has a special place in their hearts. Robert said: “It gave me the first chance of a lead part with Chesterfield. The first time was quite nerve-wracking because it was such a big deal. This time I feel a lot more comfortable. I like playing Bill Snibson, he is a cheeky chappy who has got a wicked sense of humour.”

Playing the role of Sally Smith in 2001 was also Sue’s first big break with the operatic company. Sue, who has married Josh and given birth to their son Kai since she first performed in the musical under her maiden name of Dring, said: “It feels really good to be working alongside Robert again, we get on well together.

“The lines have come back to would have been a lot harder if I had to learn them from scratch.”

Director Phil Simcox has tasked Sue with giving Sally a different personality. Sue said: “He wants me to make her a bolshie Cockney lass, before I played her quite shy. In real life, I am definitely the bolshie one. I do enjoy playing Sally, her Cockney accent is one of the easiest to do.”

Sue’s mum, Margaret Dring, has also returned to the show, playing Lady Brighton after taking on the role of Mrs Brown in the last production.

Roseanna Sanderson, whose fiance Jonathan Francis is the musical director for this production. is also back on board for the new run of the musical. Sue said: “Roseanna played a tiny Pearly Queen last time, now she’s back as one of the serving maids but will be doing the same song, The Lambeth Walk.”

Society chairman Doug Melloy said: “Me and My Girl is a fun show both for the members who rehearse and perform and also for the audience. When we did it the last time, the audience came out happy and smiling.”

Cast member Karl Brennan said: “It is an old favourite with our audiences who have kept the society going for over 100 years. It is a feelgood show with nothing to tax the brain.”

Playing old Army type Sir John, Karl is greatly looking forward to the role. He said: “There is a delightful scene were Sir John gets tipsy with Bill Snibson.”

Me and My Girl runs at the Pomegranate from April 29 to May 3 at 7.15pm, with a Saturday matinee at 2.15pm. Tickets £15 and £12 (adults), £12 and £10 (under 16s). To book, contact: or 01246 345222.