CHESTERFIELD: Sneak peek of market hall - with video

Beneath the scaffolding and rubble Chesterfield’s iconic market hall is starting to take shape.

Work on the £4m refurbishment project is well underway – and the Derbyshire Times was invited for a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Work underway in the Chesterfield Market Hall

Work underway in the Chesterfield Market Hall

A team of builders is busily beavering away, transforming the building into a modern retail hall.

There’s still a lot to be done but among the bricks, cement, pipes and poles the new look is starting to unfold.

Chesterfield Borough Council’s leader John Burrows, said: “I am proud and delighted that work is progressing well on the market hall.

“This is a significant investment in the town’s economy and with the scaffolding about to come down, residents and traders will be able to see a remarkable difference.

Work underway in the Chesterfield Market Hall

Work underway in the Chesterfield Market Hall

The main retail hall will be transformed with a glazed atrium, providing natural light.

Work on the glazing is set to start at the end of the month. The scaffolding surrounding the building will be removed in the next couple of weeks. Simon Davidson of R.P. Davidson - Cheese Factor of Distinction, who are based in the market hall said: “The disruption during the building works has not been as bad as we thought, and we are really looking forward to the opening and hope it attracts more visitors to the town centre.”

The 1970s extension on New Square is also being replaced with a design more in-keeping with the original market hall building.

The retail area will be at ground floor level with a new central cafe at the heart of the floor.

The upper floors will house rented office accommodation for businesses. On-site office space will also be provided for the council’s markets team.

More than 40 expressions of interest have been submitted by new and existing traders for space in the new market hall.

The work is set to be completed and the hall reopened in autumn.