Chinese heirloom

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A rare Chinese bowl got valuers hot under the collar when an antiques television programme came to the Dales.

The bowl was brought to a valuation day held at Haddon Hall for BBC television’s Flog It!

The antique dates from 1895 and was valued between £3,000 and £5,000.

It will now be sold at the Bamfords auction house in Peak Village, in Rowsley for the second part of the television programme on December 5.

James Lewis, of Bamfords, said: “Four sisters brought the item in for valuations. They all loved it and all wanted to keep it but because there were four of them they decided to sell it.”

The bowl has an imperial three–toed dragon depicted on it chasing a flaming pearl, which is symbolic of wisdom.

This type of Chinese antique is popular now due to its rarity.