Choose cheaper option

Transition Wirksworth will be holding their AGM on Wednesday 23rd at 7.30pm in the Hope and Anchor.

May I suggest they jointly consider two “green” issues in the light of a possible restoration and enhancement of Wirksworth’s character as a 19th century centre of heritage.

We know from sketches made at the time that a windmill stood at the present Windmill Farm, overlooking what is now the Yokecliffe Estate. Would not wind turbines on this site be a welcome addition?

At the same time there are suggestions that solar panels be fitted generally to roofs in the centre of Wirksworth, regardless of their historic character.

It is not generally known that wind turbines and solar panels occupy the exteme limits of a spectrum of possible means in cutting the generation of CO2.

Figures published by the Blair Government in 2003 suggest a cost penalty of 63 times in choosing solar panels as opposed to wind turbines.

The general public will eventually wake up to the burden imposed on them, raised through a compulsory bribe added to all electricity bills.

If Transition Wirksworth were to suggest the cheaper alternative at Yokecliffe, this would be a most commendable initiative towards the rational climate change policy which is so desperately needed.

Evan Rutherford

Via email