Cliff fall sparks new plea for warning signs

There are renewed calls to display warning signs at a Dales beauty spot after its hidden drops claimed another casualty at the weekend.

At 2am on July 6, a man fell around 15-20 feet from a cliff at Rowtor Rocks, in Birchover.

The reveller sustained serious injuries in the fall and firefighters had to use specialist rope rescue equipment to bring the man to safety.

Now Birchover Parish Council and local residents are again calling for signs to be installed.

Gillian Miller, who runs a guest-house with husband Andrew directly opposite the rocks, said: “I was woken up by the sound of the emergency services. But the screams from the injured man were so loud – I’m sure the whole village heard!”

Gillian added that in the past 12 months there had been two “very serious” accidents on the rocks but lesser injuries were happening “all the time”.

“We went up after the incident and found empty alcohol containers and what looked like evidence of drugs. Now, the rocks are dangerous enough, but to think people are up there getting intoxicated is very worrying,” she said.

Rowtor Rocks are owned privately by the Stanton Estate but, as they have been an attraction for generations, are effectively open to the public.

Signs to warn visitors of the drops – which can be in excess of 50 feet – were supposed to be put up in April 2012.

Peak Park Ranger Steve Bush said: “It has been quite tough getting residents, landowners and the parish council to agree on the exact wording of the signs.

“But we would expect the signs to be up in the next couple of weeks.”