Climber in fall at Cawdor Quarry

A man was hospitalised after a climbing accident at Cawdor Quarry on Monday, August 8.

The man and his climbing partner, both believed to be in their late forties, were climbing at the disused quarry when the accident occurred on Monday night.

A rock that the climber was holding on to came away from the face, causing the man to fall.

He was still attached to his climbing rope, which prevented him from falling to the ground, but unfortunately he swung heavily into the rock wall, injuring his hip.

Derby Mountain Rescue team responded to the call, which was received at about 9pm.

The EMAS Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) was also called to the incident along with an EMAS ambulance crew.

The man was treated on scene for his injuries and stretchered up a steep rock slope to a waiting team Land Rover. He was then driven to the road ambulance and taken to Chesterfield Hospital for further treatment.

A team spokesman said: “The team has actually used this quarry for a training exercise in recent months, so we were well versed in extracting casualties from this particularly difficult location.”

The previous day, the team had been called to a walker at Dovedale who had collapsed and were also asked to attend to a walker who had slipped in the hills above Matlock.

However, the team was stood down before the full team was deployed when the walker was located by police and found to be able to be evacuated without assistance.