Club forced to pull plug

A CLUB which has trained water safety to local swimmers across four decades has folded due to a lack of volunteers.

The Matlock Lifesaving Club held their final meeting recently and handed over the remaining £2,300 from their accounts to the Friends of Matlock First Responders.

Affiliated to the Royal Life Saving Society (RNSS), the club has trained hundreds of young swimmers and adults at the town’s old Lido over the years.

But while there has been no shortage of interest from children, the number of adult volunteers has dwindled over the years.

Twice weekly meetings had to be cut to one in recent years, and the decision to fold was taken prior to the closure of the Lido in August.

Jill Blake, who has been involved with the group since it was formed in the early 1980s, said: “It was a lack of adult volunteers that has forced us to stop.

“The books have been full but there has been nobody to carry it on.

“We gave six months’ notice and asked for help but we got no response.

“You always hope that someone will come along and do something about it, but nobody has.

“The funds were just sat there so we thought it was a good idea for them to go to the First Responders.”

Former manager of the Lido, Jack Soppitt, was the club’s inspiration .

“He instigated the whole thing, and was a mentor to so many people,” Jill added.