Cocaine worth £250,000 found in Matlock

A PACKAGE of cocaine worth at least £250,000 was discovered at a clothing factory in Matlock.

Staff at John Smedley found what they believed to be drugs hidden amongst a shipment of cotton from Peru, South America.

The police were immediately informed and upon arrival they discovered five kilograms of cocaine stashed in a rucksack in the container.

A spokesman for John Smedley said: “It was a shock to those who found it, but at the time we didn’t know exactly what it was.

“Obviously we guessed it was drugs and I suppose it was quite exciting really – a bit like being in a film or something.”

Police have now launched a full investigation to determine where the drugs came from and where they were heading to.

Detective Chief Inspector Sean Dawson said: “This is certainly one of the biggest seizures we’ve had in Derbyshire for a long time.”

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